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Cheek Fat Removal (Bichectomy)



Cheek Fat Removal (Bichectomy)

Nowadays, expectations are increasing with the rapid progress of aesthetic surgery. While the concept of "beauty" was sufficient until yesterday, "charm" is additionally desired now. A strong chin, slanting eyes, full lips, prominent cheekbones and the underlying shadow are the keys to an attractive face. One of the applications to obtain this attractive "inverted triangular face" image is the cheek fat removal (bichectomy) procedure.

Cheek Fat Removal (Bichectomy)

The operation is performed under local anesthesia or sometimes sedation and takes about 30 minutes. The fat that gives fullness to the cheek is reached with the incision made inside the mouth without leaving a trace outside, and the fat pad is removed. The patient is discharged on the same day. The patient is fed with a soft diet for 3-4 days and uses mouthwash. There is no need to remove the stitches. Facial and jowl liposuction can also be performed simultaneously if the face is too plump.

Notes From Your Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone over the age of 18 who complain of cheek fullness, who wants a more attractive face shape, can have this operation.

The operation does not differ seasonally, it can be carried out in summer and winter.

The operation is a safe surgery performed under local anesthesia and does not cause any significant systemic side effects.

Rarely, local problems such as wound infection, bleeding, and wound dehiscence may be encountered.

The patient can return to normal life the next day after the operation.

Since the operation is performed inside the mouth, there are no visible wounds or scars from the outside. Wounds in the mouth heal within 1 week.

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