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Eyebrow Transplantation


Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow Transplantation

Genetic factors, stress or the use of certain drugs adversely affect the eyebrow roots, and as a result, eyebrow loss may occur. With eyebrow transplantation, new formations can be achieved in the sparse eyebrow area. Thus, you will have more bushy and prominent eyebrows. With the FUE method, the follicles taken from the hairy area are planted in the desired area and eyebrow growth is supported. There is no scar in the area where the hair follicles are taken. The eyebrows formed by eyebrow transplantation are constantly preserved as they have strong hair roots.

How Is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed?

  • While eyebrow transplantation is performed with the FUE method, the hairy area behind the two ears is shaved first. Hair follicles are taken from the shaved area.
  • Roots taken as 2, 3 or 4 roots are turned into a single root and kept in a special solution.
  • According to the request of the person, an eyebrow is drawn and the desired thickness and shape are determined.
  • The area to be transplanted is anesthetized with local anesthesia and hair follicles are started to be transplanted.
  • After the roots are placed one by one in the empty parts of the eyebrows, the eyebrow transplantation is completed.

Notes From Your Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

The recovery period of complications such as swelling and redness after eyebrow transplantation is completed within 3-4 days.

Eyebrow transplantation is performed with a very practical and reliable method. It has no serious side effects. The biggest complication that may occur after transplantation can be infections which can be easily treated.

Since you receive strong hair follicles with eyebrow transplantation, the hair that grows after this procedure maintains permanent for a lifetime.

After eyebrow transplantation, shock loss occurs until the end of the 6th week. At the end of 4-8 months, the eyebrows start to grow and does not shed again.

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