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Brazil Butt Lift


Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift is a combination of liposuction and fat injection operations performed to obtain an hourglass-shaped body appearance. It is the most commonly used hip enlargement technique in aesthetic surgery. While liposuction applied to the abdomen and back region provides a thin abdomen, waist and back region, these fats are injected into the bottom to create a more upturned, rounded and fuller butt image.

How is brazilian-butt lift done? How does the process proceed?

Brazilian Butt Lift operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 2.5-3 hours. First, liposuction is applied to the abdomen and back, and then the fat obtained is injected into the butt. If there is fat in areas such as under the butt and hips, liposuction of these areas is also planned and performed simultaneously. The patient is discharged the next day. There is no need to remove the stitches.

Notes From Your Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone over the age of 18 who complains about the abdomen, back fat and butt shape and wants a more attractive hourglass-shaped body appearance, can have this operation.

Generally, regional problems such as bleeding and infection may be encountered, and fat embolism can be seen rarely in brazilian butt lift.

Since the incisions are made between the hip folds, there are no obvious scars from the outside, and the existing scars fade after 6 months to 1 year and turn into skin color.

Bleeding and infection problems which can occur after any operation may rarely be encountered. The risk of fat embolism carried by liposuction and fat injection to a greater extent is minimized by taking the necessary precautions. In the late period, loss or fluctuation may occur in the fat injected in the fat injection.

The patient usually stays in the hospital for 1 night. If there is a drain, it can be removed before discharging the patient. There is no need to remove stitches due to the use of melting stitches. You can take a shower after 3 days. In the first 2 weeks, you cannot sit and lie on your butt. After the 2nd week, you can sit on a special pillow. Heavy, demanding jobs can be done after 6 weeks.

The operation is carried out through small holes through special pipes called cannulae. Therefore, there will be no scars.

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