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Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to remove deformities at the nose and to make the nose look more beautiful. This process not only shapes the appearance but also the quality of life. Thanks to rhinoplasty, factors that prevent breathing such as nasal concha and polyps are easily eliminated.

In Which Situations Can Rhinoplasty Be Performed?

Rhinoplasty can be performed for a beautiful appearance or to eliminate some health problems. It is generally preferred to eliminate the discomfort associated with deformity. The situations in which a rhinoplasty needs to be done can be listed as follows:

  • An abnormality in the ratio of the nose to the face
  • Having uncomfortable meat in the nose
  • Having a lowered nose tip
  • Abnormalities such as curvature, collapse, protrusion in the nasal bone
  • Various disorders as a result of impacts on the nose
  • The nostrils not being equal in size

Notes From Your Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are no reasons that are an impediment to the operation, people who do not like the external appearance of their nose can have a rhinoplasty.

Apart from the risk of postoperative bleeding and infection, there are no major complications. It is a safe surgical procedure.

Since the development of the nose will continue until the age of 18, it will be better to do it after the age of 18. However, nasal aesthetics are performed at the age of 16-17 for girls and 17-18 for boys.

Rhinoplasty is performed to give the nose a beautiful appearance. There is no scar after the procedure.

Normal life can be continued after 1 week.

At the end of 1 month, edema is greatly reduced and the nose becomes closer to the desired appearance. It may take 6 months for the nose to settle completely. Sometimes it can take up to 1 year.

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